Five years after the launch of the original model,
Yamaha has created an all-new version of the
ultimate multi-role motorcycle.
Lighter, more powerful and supremely versatile
– and now equipped with the most sophisticated
technology ever seen on a Yamaha Sport Touring
motorcycle – the all-new Tracer 9 GT remains true
to the sporting heart, touring soul philosophy that
has made Tracer the number one bike in its class.
Offering increased levels of thrilling performance
combined with enhanced touring capabilities and
a higher overall specification, Tracer GT provides
ultimate sports versatility.

Tracer 9 GT technical highlights
• New 890cc inline 3-cylinder 4-valve DOHC liquid-cooled EU5 engine. Lower weight and
increased power at all rpm
• 7% increase in maximum torque at lower rpm
• 4PS increase in maximum power
• Lighter and stronger CF die-cast aluminium Deltabox chassis
• Overall 2kg weight reduction for increased agility
• New lightweight aluminium swing-arm
• Next-generation styling, perfect blend of sport style and touring functions
• Full LED lighting with hidden headlights, Tracer signature tail-light and LED cornering lights
• Refined A&S clutch
• Light and compact new six-axis IMU – first time on a Yamaha Sport Touring model
• Lean-sensitive riding aids: Up and down QSS, TCS, SCS and LIFt with three intervention mode
ABS and Brake Control system (BC)
• D-MODE switchable engine running modes
• New ultra-light Spin-forged 17-inch 10-spoke wheels
• KYB electronically controlled suspension featuring fully-adjustable 41mm USD forks with
optimized settings and adjustable rear shock with revised settings and new linkage
• Twin full color 3.5-inch TFT instruments with remote handlebar switch Radial front master
cylinder, 298mm dual front discs
• Hard cases fitted as standard

New 890cc CP3 engine:
More thrilling, more capable, more versatile
Powering the all-new Tracer 9 GT is a completely
redesigned 890cc CP3 crossplane technology
engine that is lighter, more powerful and more
advanced than the original power plant that forever
changed the image of the Sports Touring class.
Our CP3 architecture lays the foundations for a
completely new engine.
Fully EU5-compliant, the sophisticated new inline
three-cylinder engine features an increased
capacity of 890cc thanks to a 3mm enlargement
in the bore diameter, and this significant cc boost
contributes towards a 7% increase in torque
output. This much higher torque output of 9.5kgm/93 Nm is produced at 7000rpm – 1500rpm
lower down the rev range then previously – for
outstanding acceleration and rapid overtaking.
As well as this marked increase in linear torque, the
power output of the larger capacity 890cc engine is
increased to 119PS at 10,000rpm – 4hp more than
previously – making this one of the most thrilling,
capable and versatile motorcycles in its class.
Quicker, stronger and more advanced, the new
Tracer engine is a worthy successor to the original,
and despite its increase in capacity, it actually
weighs 1700g less than the outgoing design, which
contributes towards the new bike’s enhanced
handling agility and versatility.

KYB electronically-controlled suspension: Ultimate comfort with precise feel
Yamaha and KYB have jointly developed the Tracer 9 GT’s electronically-controlled semi-active
suspension system that provides the ultimate in riding comfort combined with a precise feel from the
road. Officially known as the KYB Actimatic Damper System (KADS), this highly advanced suspension
generates a much wider range of damping force than conventional suspension, and is able to respond
instantly to varying riding conditions in order to achieve optimum handling performance.
This use of this semi-active suspension system has been made possible by the bike’s new IMU which
works together with the ECU as well as the Hydraulic Unit (HU) and Suspension Control Unit (SCU)
to calculate the optimum suspension settings for any given riding situation: fast or slow, wet or dry,
smooth or bumpy, solo or two-up.
The advantage of the solenoid system is that it is able to make extremely fast adjustments to damping
settings, and it can handle both minor and major changes. By constantly analysing and computing the
6-axis data, the IMU can signal the ECU to adjust damping settings in order to maintain chassis stability
at all speeds, and by doing so the KADS supplements the rider’s skills to ensure a more rewarding and
enjoyable Sport Touring experience.
KADS can be used in two modes: A-1 is the sporting mode that is designed to deliver taut and
responsive suspension action for fast riding on dry roads – and can also accommodate wet conditions.


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