Less weight, more power, highest spec
Yamaha has revealed an all-new
2021 MT-09 aimed at reinforcing
dominance in the Hyper Naked
category. Lighter, more powerful
and more technologically advanced
in every area, this dynamic new
motorcycle is the purest expression
of the core values that make the MT
range such a huge hit.
The new model will be available
from February 2021 and more
details – including pricing – will be
communicated soon. In the
meantime, please find information
outlining the changes for this key
model. High res images are now
available to download from DAM.
The original MT-09 distilled the essence of motorcycling when it arrived in 2013. In 2018 the
second generation model was introduced with new styling that assured the continued success of
this iconic model.
The all-new 2021 MT-09 is an even higher specification motorcycle that is lighter, more powerful
and more advanced in every area. Equipped with class-leading electronic control technology and
top level equipment – the all-new MT-09 offers the ultimate package with supreme bang-perbuck.

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